Kankakee Area Metropolitan Enforcement Group Employs K-9 unit


To provide a vital component to KAMEG’s “War on Drugs”, a K-9 Unit was integrated into the multi-jurisdictional task force in 2006.  KAMEG currently employs a highly trained and specialized canine.  This canine is partnered with a skillful agent, who act as a “handler”.  Both the agent and canine actively train together weekly, and certify their superior abilities through the Illinois State Police twice a year.  Since the K-9 Unit’s inception, the teams have assisted in countless seizures of illegal narcotics, unlawful weapons and the confiscation of more than half a million dollars in United States Currency and assets.  Many of the seizures ultimately led to the arrest of career offenders, including several with violent tendencies.


As part of KAMEG’s dedication to the community, the unit routinely conducts demonstrations during public and school events. 



The K-9 Unit represents another tool in KAMEG’s multi-faceted commitment to make our community a better place to live and work.